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Equippment of our Apartments

Our southside located apartments with balcony with a tremendous view, are all equipped with bath/shower/toilet, Cable TV, telefon, all linen and towels. Compl. equipped kitchen with dishwasher and microwave.
In total we have 3 ****Apartments in the Haus Kasimir and in our Chalet there are 1 Apartment for 4 Persons with 80 m² and for 8 persons with 115m².

Haus Kasimir Chalet Rustika
Panorama (2-3 Pers.) ca. 40m² Details   Chalet Rustika EG (8 Pers.) ca. 115m² Details
Morgensonne (2-3 Pers.) ca. 45m² Details   Chalet Rustika OG (4 Pers.) ca. 80m² Details
Studio (2-6 Pers.) ca. 80m²  Details